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Research Topics:
Sponsored Research

CTB supports leading research that answers important theoretical and practical questions to advance the quality of measurement and learning practices.


CTB Sponsored Research Program

In an on-going commitment to advancing the science and practice of measurement in support of learning, CTB Research annually invites proposals on for research that addresses priority research topics in measurement and learning. We seek to identify and support leading research that promises to answer important theoretical, methodological and practical questions, and to support the development of ideas that will advance the quality of measurement and learning practices.

Principal investigators on these projects include CTB employees, but also often include investigators from leading universities and other organizations committed to high quality measurement practices. Since the inception of the R&D program in 2007, researchers from many such organizations across the United States and Canada have participated in R&D projects. Sponsored research priorities are selected each year and proposals are solicited in July–September for the following calendar year.

Selection of Past Sponsored Research Priorities

  • Increasing the utility, relevance, and impact of assessment in technologically rich environments
  • Increasing the utility, relevance, and impact of learning outcome reporting for educational authorities, teachers, parents, and students
  • Advancing the state of the art in automated scoring
  • Advancing test security methods and practice
  • Advancing psychometric methods and practice

Proposals are peer-reviewed and selected for funding by CTB Research. Research project awards are made in November of each year, and funding is provided by CTB.

Stay tuned for our July announcement of next year's sponsored research priorities!

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