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Research Topics:
Formative and Benchmark Assessment

Formative and benchmark assessments are administered throughout the school year.


Formative and benchmark assessments are administered during the school year to support instructional intervention intended to enhance student achievement. Their intent contrasts with that of summative assessment, which traditionally occurs toward the end of the school year and is primarily used to support local, state, and federal accountability requirements. Research in the area of formative and benchmark assessment is concerned with a variety of issues, including effects on student achievement and the technical foundations of such assessments.

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A Vision for Innovative Assessment and Reporting in the 21st Century

Acuity Usage and WESTEST 2 Performance

Acuity is a web-based assessment platform that provides interim and formative assessments designed to inform teaching and improve student learning. This study investigates whether there is a difference between the average test scores of Acuity's “high usage” schools and “no usage” schools in the state of West Virginia.

Reporting Diagnostic Subscale Scores for Tests Composed of Complex Structure

This study investigates the robustness of the Yao & Boughton (2005) MIRT model for measuring subscores, using a simulation study with varying sample size, correlation between subscales, number of items, and structure type.

Automated Essay Scoring in State Formative and Summative Writing Assessment

AES offers a time-saving tool to teachers and immediate diagnostic feedback to students for writing practices. However, automation also poses operational and technical challenges in classroom integration and in summative assessment.


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