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Research Topics:
Test Development

Valid and reliable assessments result from systematic development by content experts and psychometricians.


DRC|CTB uses a multistep process that includes carefully defining the construct to be measured, developing a test blueprint aligned with the purpose of the assessment, thoughtful application of the art and science of item writing, and empirical data collection to support item and test validity. Research in test development is concerned with improved methods to enhance the validity and reliability of assessments.

Featured Article

We provide information that can serve as a starting point and a continuing reference for school board members, educators, and policy leaders as they design, develop, and implement assessment programs.

Accuracy of Test Scores: Why IRT Models Matter

This paper describes different Item Response Theory (IRT) models for both multiple- choice items and constructed-response items. 


Understanding Assessment


The Learning Cycle

DRC|CTB supports educators and students
throughout the learning process.

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