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Research Topics:
Online Assessment

Online assessments were once limited to computers connected to a network, but now can be administered on a multitude of electronic devices.


Recent advances in technology continue to influence the testing industry. Online assessment is rapidly changing. Once limited to assessment delivered via a computer connected to a network, assessments can now be administered on a multitude of electronic communication devices, including computers, and on handheld devices such as smartphones or clickers. Assessment in an online environment introduces a variety of measurement issues including test security for high stakes assessment and the comparability between assessments delivered in both online and traditional paper-and-pencil formats. Research in the area of online assessment is conducted to support improved measurement delivered in an online environment.

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How to help ELLs to achieve academic success while they are also acquiring English as a second language has become an increasingly important issue on the U.S. K-12 educational agenda. Meanwhile, the concept of literacy is changing in the 21st century with advances of technology, so is the way of learning and working. These changes pose challenges to traditional paper-and-pencil testing practices.

A New Model for Cognitive Diagnostic Computer-Adaptive Testing: An IRT-Based Continuous Conjunctive Latent Trait Diagnostic Modeling Approach

This study proposes a new modeling approach for implementing cognitive diagnosis in large scale testing, namely, the IRT-based continuous conjunctive latent trait diagnostic model, which combines the features of a multidimensional IRT (MIRT) model and a diagnostic classification model (DCM) into a single model.

Comparison of Ability Estimation and Item Selection Methods in Multidimensional Adaptive Testing

This proposal is for a study to investigate ability estimation and item selection methods in multidimensional adaptive testing.


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