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Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and methodology of educational and psychological measurement.


Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and methodology of educational and psychological measurement. At CTB, we focus mainly on measurement of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that comprise educational curricula. CTB's Research Department conducts psychometric research to support improved measurement. This work addresses a wide range of topics, including cheating detection, scaling and equating, computer-adaptive testing, validity studies, and other relevant issues.

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The goal of this research is to develop a procedure to autonomously determine if cheating has occurred during testing by detecting the presence of aberrant responses in scanned Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) test books.

Comparison of Ability Estimation and Item Selection Methods in Multidimensional Adaptive Testing

This proposal is for a study to investigate ability estimation and item selection methods in multidimensional adaptive testing.

A New Model for Cognitive Diagnostic Computer-Adaptive Testing: An IRT-Based Continuous Conjunctive Latent Trait Diagnostic Modeling Approach

This study proposes a new modeling approach for implementing cognitive diagnosis in large scale testing, namely, the IRT-based continuous conjunctive latent trait diagnostic model, which combines the features of a multidimensional IRT (MIRT) model and a diagnostic classification model (DCM) into a single model.

TerraNova Multiple Assessments: Measuring the Common Core State Standards

Available in test levels 13 through 18 in Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics, theTerraNova® Common Core tests are a set of TerraNova Multiple Assessments that measure the Common Core State Standards. These test forms share the same selective-response items with the TerraNova, Third Edition (TerraNova 3) Survey tests of the same test level and content area.

The additional items, including constructed-response items and various innovative item types such as performance tasks, were specifically developed to measure the Common Core State Standards. Items in these tests are aligned to both the TerraNova test content standards as well as the Common Core State Standards. Such dual alignment allows the objective (standard) level scores to be reported under both standard frameworks. The TerraNova Common Core Assessments, nationally normed in 2011, provide teachers, schools, and districts with useful diagnostic information to support a smooth transition to the Common Core State Standards.

Accuracy of Test Scores: Why IRT Models Matter

This paper describes different Item Response Theory (IRT) models for both multiple- choice items and constructed-response items. 


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