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Research Topics:

The study of the theory and methodology of educational and psychological measurement.


At DRC|CTB, our primary focus is on measuring the knowledge, skills, and abilities that comprise educational curricula. Our Research Department conducts psychometric research to support and further improve measurement. Our work addresses a wide range of topics, including detection of cheating, scaling and equating, validity studies, and other relevant issues.

Featured Article

The goal of this research is to develop a procedure to autonomously determine if cheating has occurred during testing by detecting the presence of aberrant responses in scanned Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) test books.

Senior Director of Research / Chief Psychometrician - Leadership Team

Seung Choi, Ph.D., is the Senior Director of Research. In this role, Dr. Choi oversees the Psychometric Services Department composed of researchers of diverse expertise for developing nationally standardized assessments and providing psychometric solutions and services to state and local education agencies for the design, implementation, and reporting of large-scale student assessment programs. Dr. Choi has a proven ability to develop innovative and highly technical assessment solutions.


Understanding Assessment


The Learning Cycle

DRC|CTB supports educators and students
throughout the learning process.

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