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Research Topics:
National Policy

Federal educational policy has far-reaching impacts on educational measurement and state accountability systems.


Federal educational policy has had far-reaching effects on educational measurement and state accountability systems. Educational research conducted to support national policy is concerned with the appropriate application of principles of good measurement to influence federal education policy. Topics include research information concerning measuring student proficiency, students with disabilities, and growth models to ensure student progress toward achievement goals, among many others.

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The innovations associated with the Common Core State Standards and Race to the Top, as well as the impending re-authorization of ESEA, promise to challenge the K–12 testing industry as never before. As the stakes associated with assessments increase, the security must also increase.

A Guide for Effective Assessment

We provide information that serves as a starting point and as a continuing reference for school board members, educators, and policy leaders for guidance.


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CTB supports educators and students throughout the learning process.

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