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Acuity Overview

Prepare Your Students to Learn Real-World Skills with Acuity

As schools begin to implement the Common Core, they need to rely on an assessment partner with proven success at delivering a clear and measurable link between assessment data, instruction, and student mastery, in alignment to the Common Core State Standards. By using Acuity’s depth and breadth of Common Core content, educators can measure deeper levels of student understanding while reinforcing, remediating, and enriching real-world skills learned in the classroom with embedded digital instructional resources.

Acuity will prepare your students to learn real-world skills with the following Common Core assessment tools:

A New User Experience Based on Teacher Feedback

Over the last seven years, we've been responsive to many districts' needs, which has resulted in hundreds of new features in Acuity. These robust features, many of them Common Core compliant, have helped hundreds of teachers to boost their students' academic confidence and overall classroom achievement, so we're making them more accessible and enjoyable to use than ever! We've tailor-made the new user experience based on feedback from the "heart" of Acuity, the teachers and administrators who use it day in and day out. So, the new Acuity user experience is really a reflection of what is truly vital for engaging the hearts and minds of our students so they are fully prepared for college and careers in the 21st century. View a screenshot of the new Acuity user experience »

Acuity Product Family

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Acuity Resources

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CTB Acuity: Technology for K-12 Common Core Assessment

Teachers at Eugene Field Elementary Turn Data Insights Into Fun Student Learning Activities with Acuity

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Teachers at Eugene Field Elementary Turn Data Insights Into Fun Student Learning Activities with Acuity

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