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Acuity Overview

Prepare Your Students for a New Era of Standards

CODiE 2015 Award Finalist

McGraw-Hill Education has helped thousands of districts implement large-scale interim assessments, partnering with each one to build their foundation for student achievement and college and career readiness. The Acuity® College and Career Readiness (CCR) assessment solution, available for Grades 3–8, helps educators measure student growth and achievement in this new era of more rigorous standards. Providing educators unique and valuable standards-based reports, Acuity makes
it easy to enrich classroom instruction, personalize learning, and track students' readiness for college
and a career.

With Acuity, educators can instantly create instructional remediation and enrichment plans based on each student's assessment results, ensuring that the right instructional support is assigned at the right time for every student. Administrators and educators can trust that the assessment results are valid and reliable, because the items were developed using the same process McGraw-Hill Education used to develop items to meet the unique specifications of the consortia summative assessments.

Acuity Product Family

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The Acuity Progress Monitoring and Universal Screener assessments, both aligned to the Common Core State Standards, enable educators to strategically determine the level of intervention needed for a student and to ensure that a student's intervention progress is being carefully tracked with valid and reliable data.

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