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Online Reporting System Overview

The Online Reporting System is a powerful Web-based reporting solution that provides administrators, teachers, and parents with the information to measurably improve student performance. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly and easily access your assessment results, and aggregate and disaggregate data to meet local instructional needs and federal AYP reporting requirements.

Data Export Options

  • CSV files
  • PDF documents
  • Copy images and insert into PowerPoint® presentations

Delivery Options

  • Online
  • Mobile Devices (iPad®, iPhone®)


  • Windows/PC
  • Macintosh
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The Online Reporting System provides you with the ability to get data—on demand—from the following DRC|CTB assessment products:

Using the Online Reporting System you can:

  • Access your assessment data securely on the Web 24/7. Create, view, download, and print informative reports to guide instruction and decision making.
  • Share local data broadly by uploading your LAS Links (Forms A and B) data into the Online Reporting System using TestMate Clarity®.
  • Analyze your data to gain a complete picture of student performance. Aggregate and disaggregate data to identify pressing needs.
  • Act to improve learning opportunities. Gain actionable information you can share with key stakeholders to improve student achievement at every level.
  • Achieve positive outcomes for all students. Support district and school administrators, teachers, testing directors, federal program administrators, and parents with the information they need to boost student learning and get results.

Meaningful assessment does more than measure. It provides direction to guide instruction and sets students on the path to academic success. With the Online Reporting System, you can quickly and easily access your data to boost learning and get results.

Securely access your assessment data

  • Gain access to your data days after DRC|CTB receives your test booklets. Create, view, download, and print informative reports to guide instruction and decision making.
  • Enable local reporting and eliminate stacks of paper reports. Download data into Excel® to upload into your Student Information System (SIS) or merge with other student information data.
  • Protect student data with permission-based security and secure encryption.
  • Minimize IT requirements and costs with a hosted, Web-based solution.
  • Provides diagnostic data to help educators target instruction by allowing them to pinpoint special populations, generate reports that highlight specific subject areas or learning objectives that track a path to language proficiency.
  • Scan/score your LAS Links results locally and share your data with all stakeholders in your district with the Online Reporting System.
  • ELL and Bilingual Directors can meet federal guidelines for placement into or exiting from ELL programs by receiving data back fast online.

Gain a complete picture of student performance

  • Aggregate and disaggregate data to identify pressing needs.
  • Drill down with dynamic hyperlinks from summary to student level information. Create roster reports by demographic groups, special populations, or range of scores to target students who need help.
  • Share summary, classroom, and student data with key stakeholders. Communicate results with clarity, precision, and efficiency.
  • Create a student assessment profile using multiple assessment measures.

Improve student learning opportunities

  • Guide and differentiate instruction to close achievement gaps and accelerate learning.
  • Support school improvement with data-driven action plans.
  • Make effective decisions to improve teaching and learning.

Achieve positive outcomes for all students

  • Support district and school administrators, teachers, K-12 testing directors, federal program administrators, and parents with understandable, actionable information.
  • Export data and graphs into Adobe PDF® or PowerPoint® documents for informative reports and presentations.
  • Aggregate student performance data into other data warehouse solutions.
  • Access powerful information to meet accountability requirements, boost student learning, and get results.

Parents—Receive reports via email, and quickly identify individual student strengths and opportunities for growth. Discuss ways to bolster student learning at school and at home.

Teachers—Generate reports for each class. Drill down to individual student performance data and create unique instructional groups with aggregated performance detail.

K-12 Testing Directors—Create easy-to-understand summary reports for all key stakeholders. Export data and graphs into an Adobe PDF® or PowerPoint® file to make flawless presentations to school boards, teachers, and parents.

Building Administrators—Aggregate and disaggregate data by classrooms and for the building as a whole for program evaluation, accountability, and professional development requirements.

Superintendents and District Administrators—Save report filters to quickly create report views for specific program needs. Export data and charts into Adobe PDF® documents or PowerPoint® presentations to enhance reports to school boards, staff, and the community.

Federal Program Administrators—Access powerful information to meet accountability requirements for federal programs and grants.

ELL and Bilingual Directors— View and share individual student, classroom, building, and subgroup data by student demographics or special program (ELL, Special Education, learning groups).

With per student pricing, you can provide teachers and administrators with access to an unlimited number of reports.

Product Pricing:

Per Student Fee$4.20
Upload Fee$267.50
Order Minimum$500.00


The following system configurations are recommended for the optimal use of the Online Reporting System.

A high-speed internet connection (not a dial-up connection) is needed.

PlatformOperating systemBrowsers
PCWindows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Microsoft IE 7.0+
Firefox 3.0+
Safari 3.0+
MacintoshOS 10.4 (Tiger)
OS 10.5 (Leopard)
OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Safari 3.0+
Firefox 3.0+

Adobe Reader® is needed to display PDF documents available via the Online Reporting System site. The Online Reporting System supports all platform versions of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader can be downloaded free at

Microsoft Excel®: Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007
Excel is needed for the export of Online Reporting System data to a CSV file in Microsoft Excel.

Explore sample reports by choosing your audience from the pull-down menu below.

Data may also be aggregated or disaggregated by:

  • Student demographics
  • Student subgroups
  • Special programs, such as English Language Learner (ELL), free/reduced lunch, Response to Intervention (RtI), or special education.

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