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Standardized Achievement

DRC|CTB's proven standardized achievement products help educators meet the challenges of today's demanding assessment environment.


Informed instruction is critical to achieving proficiency in your schools. DRC|CTB helps educators improve student achievement with a full range of standardized achievement tests and reporting solutions.

Achievement tests are designed to measure the things that a student knows and can do.
A well planned, comprehensive assessment program built upon a quality test provides valuable information about students that can support teaching in many areas, including:
• Evaluation of Student Progress
• Needs Assessment
• Instructional Program Planning
• Curriculum Analysis
• Program Evaluation
• Class Grouping
• Administrative Planning and Direction

A sound assessment and evaluation program reinforces educational decisions.
It can positively impact individual students as well as parents or guardians, groups or classes of students, schools, and commun-ities. Test data can be used to:
• Aid teachers and administrators in improving instructional plans
• Keep parents informed about their children's academic progress
• Inform the community of the general progress being made by a school or school system

Information you can trust.
Critical uses of test results place a heavy responsibility on the test publisher, who must ensure that the results are accurate and that clear, reliable information about the interpretation of results is provided. DRC|CTB welcomes this responsibility and works to produce quality achievement tests that provide the most valid and reliable information possible.

Our Products

TerraNova, Third Edition

Is TerraNova the right achievement test for your students? Learn more about TerraNova, Third Edition tests and assessments from DRC|CTB.

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Subject areas and grades

  • Reading (Grades K–12)
  • Language (Grades K–12)
  • Math (Grades K–12)
  • Science, Social Studies (Grades 1–12)
  • Reading (Grades 3–8)
  • Math (Grades 3–8)
  • English Language Arts (Grades 3–8)


TABE testing remains the most comprehensive and reliable assessment solution in the industry. Learn how TABE tests from DRC|CTB can improve student achievement.

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Subject areas and grades

  • Basic Skills (Adult Education)

Online Reporting System

The Online Reporting System is a powerful Web-based reporting tool that provides the information to improve student performance. Learn more today.

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Subject areas and grades

Custom Online Reports for:
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Results Our Customers Have Achieved With Our Interim & Benchmark Solutions


Valhalla Union Free School District, Valhalla, New York

"We'll still know what our assessment model is, what information we gather on children, and how we can use that information to plan instruction, no matter what state law gets adopted or passed."
Customer: Dr. Brenda Myers, Superintendent of Schools, Valhalla Union Free School District, Valhalla, New York

A Guide to Interpreting and Using the Results of Standardized Achievement Tests

Use our eGuide to maximize your interpretation of standardized achievement test scores. Using the resources available in the eGuide Beyond the Numbers, you will be able to provide useful information to the people who need it: parents, students, administration, or any other audience.

Our complimentary eGuide highlights and explains assessment basics such as: norm-referenced information, criterion-referenced information, performance level information, standard error of measurement, and score interpretation.

View Beyond the Numbers eGuide: click on the icon to your right under the "Next Steps" section. 

DRC|CTB Leads the Industry in Providing Solutions that Support Critical Decision Making

Following this tradition, TerraNova, Third Edition reports feature rich, graphic data presentations, clear indications of academic achievement, and interpretive information. The following pages provide a comprehensive look at TerraNova 3 reports that allow test administrators to distribute information quickly to teachers, parents, administrators, and others.

DRC|CTB provides over 75 different reporting options for TerraNova 3. These options vary in the number of copies of each report and whether reports for individual students are included. Various reporting plans are available to help simplify the ordering process. The tabs below represent only a small portion of the available TerraNova 3 reports.

TerraNova 3 reports include the following features:

  • A clear description of the intended purpose and audience
  • An explanation of how to interpret the report
  • Comparative data on how students or groups are performing with respect to other students or groups (locally and nationally)
  • A statement about what the test data suggest
  • Information about how students are performing with respect to instructional objectives
  • State Proficiency reports featuring item-by-item alignments to your state standards

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Assessment Glossary


Build your
understanding of key assessment concepts.

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