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The RTI model provides early help to children who are having difficulty learning. CTB products support the RTI model through universal screening, ongoing progress monitoring, and individualized instruction.


The purpose of RTI models is to provide meaningful and accurate identification of students who are struggling with learning, ensure each student receives high-quality instruction, and deliver every opportunity for students to be successful. By linking assessment and instruction throughout a multi-level prevention RTI model, educators receive a framework for data-based decision making. Effective screening and ongoing progress monitoring can help improve student outcomes by appropriately identifying students who might benefit from targeted intervention.

Effective RTI solutions include:

  • Universal screening assessments for use in the regular classroom alongside core instruction
  • Predictive or diagnostic assessments help support high-quality instruction and uncover early opportunities for intervention
  • Progress monitoring assessments that can be quickly and frequently administered to determine student strengths and areas for targeted intervention
  • Instructional resources that can be assigned based on individual student assessment results and used to deliver tailored intervention specific to each student’s instructional need
  • Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) and resources for intensive intervention to support the goals of a successful RTI model
  • Online tutoring for to help students improve writing skills across different content areas, which is linked to better overall performance in school

  • Professional development for teachers, principals, and other educators to support a team-based multi-level prevention system

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McGraw-Hill Education offers comprehensive Acuity Assessment solutions to support data-informed teaching. Learn more about the Acuity tests fromMcGraw-Hill Education. Learn more »

Subject areas and grades

Writing Roadmap

Looking for an online writing assessment for K-12? Learn more about the Writing Roadmap Assessments from CTB/McGraw-Hill. Learn more »

Subject areas and grades

  • Writing (Grades 3–12, college, and adult learning)
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Assess Students, Monitor Progress, Deliver Data-Based Instruction and Decision Making... and Improve Achievement

CTB/McGraw-Hill, named Best in Tech for Reading/Response to Intervention Assessment Solutions by Scholastic Administr@tor, delivers a full suite of research-based assessments to help you strengthen your current RTI program or establish a new one.

RTI is a popular model for guiding intervention that helps deliver opportunities for all students to succeed. RTI helps educators with meaningful and accurate detection of struggling learners and helps educators deliver appropriate related interventions.

CTB helps educators improve achievement for all students by complementing RTI models with solutions for universal screening, progress monitoring, data-based decision making, and resources to support high-quality instruction that improves student outcomes.

Acuity® delivers an award-winning solution for interim assessment and comprehensive support for a process of formative assessment that helps educators deliver better, more targeted instruction for every student. Acuity is available for reading/language arts, math, science, algebra, and high school to support data-based decision making and teaching that helps educators improve student learning. An integrated system of assessments, helpful reports, and instructional resources, Acuity can be used for initial screening and progress monitoring. Predictive assessments indicate student progress relative to state exams. Diagnostic assessments help further uncover student strengths and areas of instructional need. Teachers also receive robust custom test and performance assessment builders. Learn more about a Acuity and take a tour »

Writing Roadmap™ is an affordable online essay-writing mentor and scoring tool that provides students and teachers with instant feedback on writing assignments. Discover the many versatile applications of Writing Roadmap »

Create the Right Setting for Student Success

The following CTB/McGraw-Hill assessment solutions improve the effectiveness of RTI models by providing highly accurate student performance data closely aligned with curriculum to support targeted instructional intervention.

Important Components of an Effective RTI Model

Universal Screening

  • Deliver age- and grade-appropriate assessments of student achievement
  • Uncover areas of opportunity for additional learning and instruction
  • Allow translation of collected data into a variety of easy-to-understand and actionable formats

Progress Monitoring

  • Deliver formative, diagnostic evaluations and ongoing progress monitoring through research-based products
  • Measure specific skills and objectives; produce graphic displays of results related to specific learning goals
  • Provide a data-driven, systematic approach to improving instructional decision making and student performance

Multi-Level Prevention System

  • Support a multi-tiered program from general screening to highly individualized and targeted needs-based intervention
  • Assist educators in data-based decision making
  • Provide resources to support differentiated, high-quality instructional activities for all learners, at all levels

Data-Based Decision Making

  • Research-based assessments closely linked with curriculum
  • Valid, reliable measurement that educators can use to make important decisions at the individual student, classroom, school, and district levels
  • Helpful reporting that support a team-based multi-level prevention system

Acuity Overview

Comprehensive, integrated Acuity Assessment solutions support data-informed teaching and decision making

The Acuity® InFormative Assessment™ solution helps you diagnose, predict, report, communicate, and provide individual instruction — all in one powerful and award-winning solution. Acuity now offers a complete and integrated system beginning in kindergarten and helping you advance student achievement all the way through high school. You can use Acuity throughout the year to build achievement with individual students, classrooms, schools, and districts. Now Acuity delivers innovative resources for Grades K–12 that support your gradual and effective transition to teaching and learning relative to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Assessment Type

  • Predictive
  • Diagnostic
  • Formative

Delivery Format

  • Online
  • Student response devices
  • Paper and pencil
  • Combination of formats


  • Aligned to your state standards
  • Aligned to the Common Core Standards

View Acuity Tour »

Writing Roadmap Overview

Writing Roadmap™ is an online essay scoring tool that provides continual practice and automatic feedback in writing, and is available for Grades 3–12, college and adult learning. Its easy-to-use interface and instructional tools motivate and guide students through each step of the writing process. Learn more about Writing Roadmap »

Subject Areas and Grades

  • Writing (Grades 3–12 and
    adult education)


  • Helps prepare students for state and national writing assessments

Assessment Type

  • Writing prompts in any of four styles: narrative, informative/
    expository, descriptive, or persuasive

Product Tours

Delivery Format

  • Online

Grants & Funding for RTI solutions

RTI is a model that requires a multi-tiered approach to providing educational interventions to struggling students at increasing levels of intensity. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds can be used to supplement your RTI programs with valid and reliable assessment solutions for screening, progress monitoring, and instructional intervention.

The CTB/McGraw-Hill Grant Services website can help you identify which grants are currently available, how CTB products meet requirements, and how to prepare for and apply for grants.

Learn which federal grants are available for CTB RTI solutions »

Response to Intervention Resources

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Writing Roadmap Online Writing Assessment from McGraw-Hill Education CTB

An affordable online and essay-writing mentor and scoring tool for Grades 3–12 and Adult Education.

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An affordable online and essay-writing mentor and scoring tool for Grades 3–12 and Adult Education.

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