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Our Customers

DRC|CTB is proud to work with a wide array of customers that include public, private, charter, and faith-based schools and districts ranging from pre-K through adult education programs. Explore a few of our customer success stories to learn more about how our solutions support educators and students.

Northside Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas

"Because we have more domains, we have more information. The information that you're gleaning from the test is much more useful and helpful in the classroom."

Customer: Gale Stanley, NISD Adult Education Supervisor

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Valhalla Union Free School District, Valhalla, New York

"The need for a rapid third party report of the test results was also a critical factor in the choice of TerraNova 3. CTB was able to quickly score and provide results within the required turnaround time for their APPR report."

Customer: Dr. Brenda Myers, Superintendent of Schools, Valhalla Union Free School District, Valhalla, New York

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Alamogordo Public Schools, Alamogordo, New Mexico

"When we started, many teachers thought technology was simply one more thing to add to their schedule. Little things, like using a projector with a document camera, seemed like a lot of effort. Now those same teachers don't think twice about it. It's become part of their way of teaching. Through this professional development process, we're building teachers' and students' 21st century skills.

It's unbelievable how much we can do with technology to strengthen critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. And once technology becomes part of the classroom, it's seamless. There's no way you can go back and take the technology out. It becomes part of your teaching."

Customer: Darlene Mellen, District Technology Coach

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Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Vista, California

"Last school year, we saw big improvements overall. This year, we're seeing even more growth. We're seeing higher levels of proficiency in each of the ELD levels. We also have a larger number of students being reclassified from English learner to fluent English-proficient learner. It's been quite remarkable to see the progress our students are making,"

Customer: Oscar Medina, Director of Sweetwater's Office of Language Acquisition (OLA), State and Federal Programs

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Chula Vista Elementary School District, Chula Vista, CA

"The classroom reports are very helpful because they allow teachers to look at the data vertically and horizontally. From a vertical perspective, teachers can see their class as a whole, so they can determine where students are experiencing difficulty and decide where to focus their classroom instruction."

Emma Sanchez, Executive Director of Language Acquisition and Development for CVESD

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Understanding Assessment


The Learning Cycle

DRC|CTB supports educators and students
throughout the learning process.

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Use of Test-Related Instructional Materials

DRC|CTB receives frequent inquiries about its position regarding use of test-related instructional materials. This best practice presents that position.

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