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VIDEO — The Common Core State Standards: Developing World Class Students for the 21st Century


When a student sits in a classroom today, they're not just competing with their classmates. They're preparing for a future where they will compete globally... like never before. How do we help them? How do we prepare them for jobs that don't even exist yet?

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Assessments and the Common Core

studentsThe move from NCLB to the adoption of Common Core State Standards will require major curriculum changes and new types of assessments. CTB/McGraw-Hill can help you strengthen the rigor of your academic program and demonstrate through your test scores that students are ready to enter college and/or the job market.

Learn more about how we support classroom learning and provide a full spectrum of year-round assessments, teacher development, consulting services, and more.

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CoreLink Services

Find out if CoreLink Test Items are Right for Your Students

CoreLink™ Services is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution to help you ease the transition to Common Core State Standards. It includes a new item bank that aligns to the Common Core, and a wide array of professional development and psychometric services to help you build a bridge from your existing standards to the Common Core.

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