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VIDEO — The Common Core State Standards: Developing World Class Students for the 21st Century


When a student sits in a classroom today, they're not just competing with their classmates. They're preparing for a future where they will compete globally... like never before. How do we help them? How do we prepare them for jobs that don't even exist yet?

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Customer: David Brand, District Curriculum Coordinator and Principal of South Amherst Middle School

Firelands Local Schools utilizes Acuity® to inform instruction, promote data-driven decision making, and improve student learning. With accurate, reliable data from Acuity, educators have created a culture of professional collaboration focused on students' academic growth and progress. From 2009 to 2011, students achieved significant gains on the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) and the district raised its designation from "Effective" to "Excellent."

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Assessments and the Common Core

studentsThe move from NCLB to the adoption of Common Core State Standards will require major curriculum changes and new types of assessments. CTB/McGraw-Hill can help you strengthen the rigor of your academic program and demonstrate through your test scores that students are ready to enter college and/or the job market.

Learn more about how we support classroom learning and provide a full spectrum of year-round assessments, teacher development, consulting services, and more.

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CoreLink Services

Find out if CoreLink Test Items are Right for Your Students

CoreLink™ Services is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution to help you ease the transition to Common Core State Standards. It includes a new item bank that aligns to the Common Core, and a wide array of professional development and psychometric services to help you build a bridge from your existing standards to the Common Core.

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