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Craig N. Mills, Ed.D. is the Vice President, Research at CTB/McGraw Hill. He continues to pursue his empirical research interests throughout his career. He is author of over 75 publications and professional presentations on standard setting for decision tests, computerized testing, and other measurement topics. He was a co-author of one of the first sets of guidelines for computer adaptive assessment, published by the American Council on Education.

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The Learning Journey

Assessments are more than an end point. They can facilitate learning at many points along the journey. See how CTB supports administrators, teachers, parents, and students with the information they need to boost learning.

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Acuity is a powerful solution for individualized instruction and informed decision making that improves student learning and achievement. With the Acuity InFormative Assessment solution, educators can diagnose, measure, report, communicate, and instruct: all in one powerful solution.

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LAS Links addresses all of your language assessment needs, from gauging the abilities of new students and measuring their progress to lesson plans, instructional tools, and training materials to help you throughout the school year.

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TABE remains the most comprehensive and reliable assessment product in the education industry, providing a solid foundation for effectively assessing the skills and knowledge of adult learners.

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TerraNova Third Edition delivers all the features that make TerraNova an industry leader, plus key enhancements that help your educators improve achievement and learning. It is the only test to feature 2007 norms.

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The CTB Online Reporting System is a powerful Web-based reporting solution that provides administrators, teachers, and parents with the information to measurably improve student performance.

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First Performances suite of engaging observational assessments in Literacy and Mathematics for PreK-Grade 3 that allows teachers to monitor each child's progress along key benchmarks aligned to national and state curriculum standards.

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