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ESEA: Title VI

The Rural and Low-Income School program provides financial assistance to rural districts to assist them in meeting their state's definition of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

CTB Products Meeting ESEA: Title VI Requirements
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Requirements for FundingHow CTB Products Meet These Requirements
May include activities, authorized under NCLB (ESEA) Title I, Part A, to ensure that all students have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and academic assessments.CTB/McGraw-Hill is a leading provider of assessments and results reporting to U.S. elementary and secondary schools. With a staff of doctoral-level researchers, scientists, mathematicians, writers, and editors, the company assists thousands of school districts across the nation to evaluate student progress and develop instructional strategies. CTB's products and services promote excellence in teaching and learning. Rural and low-income schools use the company's test results to help determine whether students know and understand what they are taught and whether they are meeting their state's Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). The company's reports identify individual students, groups of students, and schools in need of improving performance.

CTB provides tools to measure potential, chart a course toward improved learning, and direct all students to success—key objectives of Title I, Part A.
Requires parental involvement activities.Through a variety of reporting options and instructional activities for use at home, CTB provides parents with information on their children's educational progress and resources. Parents can work with teachers to monitor progress and help their children learn throughout the school year at home.
May include activities authorized under NCLB, Title III (Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students).CTB solutions for LEP students are more than assessments. They provide an integrated system that includes Grades Pre-K–12 summative assessments, placement, benchmark tests, instructional guidance, and staff development. The programs can be used for any student whose first language is not English and have been developed to meet a variety of standards used in schools teaching English throughout the U.S.
Requires professional development, including programs that train teachers to use technology to improve teaching and that train teachers of students with special needs.The professional development components of CTB's products enable teachers to learn how to collect, analyze, and integrate assessment data and reports into their daily classes and instruction. CTB online products train teachers to use technology in formal professional development programs, as well as on-the-job, through instructional activities and online tutorials, to improve teaching and increase academic achievement for all students.
Requires support for educational technology, including the collection and management of data for informed decision making, which meets the requirements of ESEA, Title II, Part D.When used in conjunction with each other, CTB's online products can be used to create a comprehensive system that effectively uses technology to improve student academic achievement—from assessment, to progress monitoring, to data analysis and decision making, to instructional interventions.

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