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How to Apply for a Grant

Following is a typical grant application process - remember it's a process, and not an event!

Identify problems and determine your needs (conduct a needs assessment)
Focus on your students and their learning environment. The end result is to improve student achievement.

Develop multiple solutions and outcomes
Relate solutions to your problems and needs. Are the solutions realistic, outcome-oriented, measurable, research-based, and innovative?

Research grants with requirements that match your needs and alternative solutions
Review our Available Grants section or the Find Programs list for more information about federal grants.

Follow the guidelines of the grant application or request for proposal (RFP) when writing the grant
Once you've found a grant that matches your needs and meets your desired outcomes, check the requirements and follow them. Understand how the RFP will be scored.

Work with a team
Don't work in isolation.

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Northside Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas

"Because we have more domains, we have more information. The information that you're gleaning from the test is much more useful and helpful in the classroom."

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