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Research Topics

  • Psychometrics

    The study of the theory and methodology of educational and psychological measurement.

    Detection of Aberrant Responses in OMR Documents The goal of this research is to develop a procedure to autonomously determine if cheating has occurred during testing by detecting the presence of aberrant responses in scanned Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) test books.

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  • Test Development

    Valid and reliable assessments result from systematic development by content experts and psychometricians.

    How were TerraNova, Third Edition Norms Derived? Read about the norms used in TerraNova 3.  Learn how test publishers provide national norms for their tests so that students' scores can be compared with the performance of other students across the nation.

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  • Students with Disabilities

    Valid, reliable measurement requires special consideration during test development & administration.

    Inclusive Test Administration DRC|CTB understands the need to include all students in large-scale testing programs as part of the educational process.

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  • National Policy

    Federal policy has far-reaching impacts on educational measurement and state accountability systems.

    A Guide for Effective Assessment We provide information that can serve as a starting point and a continuing reference for school board members, educators, and policy leaders as they design, develop, and implement assessment programs.

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  • Case Studies

    Our metrics-driven case studies share customers' experiences with our solutions.

    Customer Story - Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Vista, California The district reports improved student performance across all language domains and ELD levels, and at least doubled its Academic Performance Index (API) target, surpassing state and county averages.

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Featured Researcher


Dr. Keith Boughton

Keith Boughton, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist. Dr. Boughton works as the lead Research Scientist for Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), DRC|CTB's test for high school equivalency. In this role, he provides psychometric leadership to product managers, content experts, and software engineers who work to implement the TASC assessment system across the country.

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Understanding Assessment


The Learning Cycle

DRC|CTB supports educators and students
throughout the learning process.

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