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Product QuickFacts

TABE 9&10, the premier adult basic skills assessment, provides a flexible system of diagnostic tests and instructional resources to meet the diverse needs of today's adult education market. TABE 9&10 is also available online.

Subject Areas

  • Basic Skills: Reading, Math, Language,
    Language Mechanics, Vocabulary,
  • Advanced-Level Tests: Science, Social
    Studies, Algebra/Geometry, Writing

Assessment Types

  • Diagnostic
  • Summative
  • Formative

Delivery Formats

  • Paper and pencil
  • Computer-based (online or PC)

Scoring Options

  • Hand scoring
  • Local scanning
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TABE 9&10, the premier adult basic skills assessment, provides a flexible system of diagnostic tests and instructional resources to meet the diverse needs of today's adult education market.

TABE 9&10 is also available online. TABE Online allows you to simplify test administration and report on examinee's basic education skills quickly and efficiently.

TABE offers you an exceptionally versatile system of tests and instructional support products. You can select the exact components you need to accomplish your assessment goals. Below are two of the many scenarios to which you can apply TABE 9&10.

Pre-Test/Post-Test Evaluation

For an in-depth program that includes skills-growth measurement resulting from instruction, consider TABE. The TABE solution allows for pre- and post-testing along with instructional assistance. With TestMate TABE scoring and optional TABE PC administration systems, you can automatically produce a complete prescriptive plan for each student.

Screening for Placement

TABE's Survey edition is an excellent choice for screening and placement of new students, clients, or employees. You will get fast and accurate information on the examinee's skill level in each content area.

The core tests contain selected-response (multiple-choice) items that measure examinee skills in various content areas. Administrators and instructors have the flexibility to test examinees according to a relevant content grade level.

The five levels (L, E, M, D, and A) of TABE 9&10 cover a content grade level range 0 through 12.9.



Level L (Literacy)


Level E (Easy)


Level M (Medium)


Level D (Difficult)


Level A (Advanced)


Each test in TABE 9&10 (e.g., Reading, Mathematics Computation, Applied Mathematics, and Spelling) is defined in a statement describing a set of skills called category objectives. Items in TABE 9&10 were also classified in terms of three process dimensions: recall and recognition, inference, and evaluation. The Survey version of TABE 9&10 measures the same objective structure as the Complete Battery. A complete list of abbreviated descriptions of the category objectives is provided here.

Complete Battery consists of five test levels (Literacy, Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Advanced), two test forms (9 and 10), and a Locator Test. The Locator Test helps determine which level of an assessment to administer to obtain the most accurate information about an examinee's strengths and weaknesses.

Levels E, M, D, and A: Item Count and Test Times*


Complete Battery
of Items

Testing Time

of Items

Testing Time
Mathematics Computation400:24250:15
Applied Mathematics500:50250:25
Language Mechanics200:14  

*Please note that these times are used as guidelines only. Allow 10 minutes for instruction, recording names on answer sheets, etc. 

TABE is based on current national standards, including:

  • National Council of Teachers of Math (NTCM)
  • National Council of Teachers of English (NTCE)
  • International Reading Association (IRA)
  • 2002 GED® Tests

TABE instructional materials include:

Building Skills with TABE, Second Edition

This is a series of eight workbooks that allow you to create a personalized study plan for each examinee. Each workbook offers:

  • A personal study plan which enables the examinee to focus on the skills that need improvement
  • Explanations of what each skill involves, and why it is important to master
  • Examples of real-life applications
  • Practice items for examinees to answer and self-score in class or at home

Getting to Know TABE

This introductory workbook prepares examinees for the experience of taking standardized tests. The workbook offers:

  • User-friendly text (easy- to medium-level content)
  • Coverage of all five subject areas assessed by TABE 9&10 and taught in most adult basic education/pre-GED Test courses—reading, math computation, applied math, language, and spelling
  • Practice items to familiarize examinees with multiple-choice test items

Following are sample test items from the Reading and Mathematics tests.

Test Items - Reading, Level L

Level L screens examinees for pre-reading skills (such as letter recognition, visual reversal, listening comprehension, and recognizing signs) and for beginning reading skills (such as reading simple words, sentences, phrases, and paragraphs). In this example, the test administrator reads instructions aloud.

Test Items - Mathematics Computation, Level E

The Mathematics Computation test addresses the range of low- to high-order operations and provides an appropriate representation of the core computation skills necessary to any successful mathematics program.

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