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TestMate TABE software is used to scan, score, and report from TABE family paper-and-pencil score sheets, bringing the speed and accuracy of computer scoring to TABE paper-and-pencil tests.

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Score tests and manage score reports with easy-to-use software


With TestMate TABE, you can automatically scan, score, and report results for TABE with unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and ease. TestMate TABE scores the TABE Locator, Survey, Complete Battery, and Advanced-Level tests. The program provides fast, accurate scoring, virtually eliminating human error associated with hand-scoring. Also, you retain control over your TABE documents and process them locally.

TABE arrives ready to install using a simple guide and easy-to-follow help screens


Turn Score Data Into Usable Results


TestMate TABE:

  • Quickly generates a wide range of individual and group reports
  • Combines the scores of all your students, whether they are tested using paper-and-pencil or PC
  • Offers the capability of using pre- and post-tests to measure student progress
  • Generates predictive scores that indicate how a student will perform on the GED Tests
  • Allows you to compare your student performance with two norm-referenced groups: an adult student group and a second group that represents juvenile adult basic education students
  • Provides National Reporting System information for reading, mathematics, and language
  • Helps you develop a customized study plan for each student with the optional TABE prescription banks
  • Links TABE assessments to instructional materials from a variety of publishers


Put Useful Reports at Your Fingertips


With the press of a button, TestMate TABE generates reports you can use to help your students succeed, including:

  • Student Test Report—Offers a skill-by-skill report for each individual student
  • Student Pre- and Post-Test Report—Provides a pre- and post-test summary for each individual student
  • Student Prescriptive Report—Shows individual performance by skill, then refers each student to specific lessons in the books and software available in your organization
  • Rank List Report—Presents (in roster listing) students in selected score order
  • Group List Report—Presents a class roster, listing each student's grade equivalent, national percentile, and additional scores
  • Group Report—Gives a summary of pre- and post-test scores for all students in a group, plus average scores for the group selected
  • Item Analysis Report—Presents item-by-objective results for an individual

Electronically Scoring Paper-and-Pencil Tests

You can score answer sheets electronically using a type of scanner called an optical mark reader (OMR), along with special scoring software called TestMate® TABE for Windows. This brings the speed and accuracy of computerized scoring to the realm of paper-and-pencil testing.

OMR scanners used for scoring sit on a desk, but are different from the image scanners that are commonly attached to a desktop computer. OMRs can scan both sides of a 48-column answer sheet at the same time. The scanner captures each student’s responses and transmits them to TestMate TABE in order to generate reports. These scanners can typically scan 100 sheets in five minutes, which makes the scoring process much faster than scoring manually.

The TestMate TABE software has the following advantages:

  • automatically converts number-correct scores into usable scores for reporting
  • functions as a true database program that stores data by individual student, rather than by test batch, making it much easier to aggregate data and issue a wide range of useful reports
  • runs very fast using a 32-bit database and code
  • supports all the new OpScan (NCS) scanners, as well as the ScanMark (ScanTron) scanners with read-heads that handle 48-column, double-sided answer sheets

Hardware and Memory:

  • 1.0 GHZ Processor (Minimum); Pentium® II, Celeron® equivalent or better
  • 1 GB of memory (Minimum); 2 GB recommended
  • 100 MB of available disk space

Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP® SP3
  • Windows Vista® SP1
  • Windows 7® SP1
  • Windows® Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2


  • Any printer supported by Windows. Printing of some reports requires a browser at least as recent as Internet Explorer® 6.0


  • Scanners with 48 column double-sided read-heads

Opscan®/Insight® Scanners

  • Opscan 2
  • Opscan 3
  • Opscan 4, 4U, 4ES
  • Opscan 5 ,6
  • Opscan 7 ,8
  • Opscan 9010M, 9020M
  • Opscan 10
  • 5000i, Opscan Insight 70,150
  • Opscan Insight 20
  • Opscan Insight 30
  • Insight 4ES
  • Insight 20
  • Insight 30

Scanmark® Scanners

  • ES2260
  • ES2800
  • 2000
  • 2250
  • 2500
  • 4000
  • 5500

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