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Make TABE professional development materials a part of your training and support library to upgrade existing instructor skills and train new staff. They are a must for following the best practices in the use of TABE. TABE professional development materials are now available to train test administrators, proctors, and support staff.

Build instructor skills to get the most from TABE 9&10.

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DRC|CTB offers complete sets of training and reference materials for administering, scoring, and using TABE. This series helps you administer and understand TABE and link results to instruction in your adult education program.

The TABE Teacher's Guides contain sample instructional materials and test items, item objectives, curriculum explanations, and correlations to various national curricula. Use assessment results to inform classroom instruction, with the following materials:

  • TABE 9&10 Teacher's Guide DVD: Reading, Language, and Mathematics
  • A Guide to Administering TABE 9&10

Additional tools that help teachers link test results to instruction


  • Video
  • DVD
  • Print
  • In-Person
  • Web


  • A complete set of reference materials for planning, administering, scoring, and reporting TABE assessments
  • Separate guides for reading/language and mathematics that include sample items, lesson plans, and instructional activities

The Product Offers:

  • Complete explanations of TABE assessments and the testing process
  • Item-objectives structures and descriptions
  • Supplementary classroom activities to enhance instruction
  • Correlations to a variety of national curricula
  • Suggested instructional approach
  • Answers to student worksheets
  • Support for helping students prepare for the high school equivalency test
  • Information on how to accommodate students with disabilities

You Benefit By:

  • Learning to use TABE results to meet NRS and other federal reporting requirements
  • Becoming familiar with sample TABE test items and the assessment process
  • Developing more targeted instructional strategies for individual students and groups
  • Learning to effectively interpret assessment results
  • Implementing best practices during test administration
  • Acquiring information on how to accommodate students with disabilities


The TABE Teacher's Guides contain a wealth of information to support your classroom instruction, and to help you achieve the best results from your TABE assessments. Specific topics, materials, and information are logically organized and easy to locate without having to read the guides from cover to cover. Use them as re-test student practice, or as remediation after administering TABE 9&10. All teaching activities are aligned with content and TABE difficulty level for your convenience.

The Guide to Administering TABE 9&10 contains specific information about how to use the TABE 9&10 assessment system in all aspects of an adult basic education program: teaching and testing your students, as well as training your staff. This information will benefit anyone who is involved in the instruction of adults and in the assessment of the skills students need in the classroom, on the job, and in their personal lives.

How to Plan and Administer TABE Workbooks and VHS or DVD Video provide an in-depth explanation on how to plan and administer TABE assessments.

TABE professional development materials are an essential part of every TABE user's training and support library-to upgrade existing instructors' skills and to train new staff.