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Product QuickFacts

Getting to Know TABE is a concise introductory workbook prepares students for the experience of taking standardized tests. This single edition covers all of the five subject areas assessed by TABE and taught in most adult basic education/pre-GED® Test courses, and includes practice items for students.

Building Skills With TABE supports instruction and learning with eight comprehensive student workbooks.
QuickFacts for Building Skills with TABE:

Subject Areas

  • Reading, Language, and Spelling
  • Math Computation and Applied mathematics

Delivery Formats

  • Printed workbooks

Levels: 4

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult
  • Advanced
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Building Skills with TABE is a series of eight student workbooks is packed with interesting and engaging practice exercises to help your students master the skills assessed by TABE.

These workbooks address the four highest levels of TABE—Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Advanced—two workbooks for each level. One workbook covers Reading, Language, and Spelling; the other covers Mathematics Computation and Applied Mathematics.

Content augments classroom instruction and offers students more practice in the topics covered by TABE assessments. With TABE Individual Diagnostic Profiles as a starting point, you can use these workbooks to create a personalized study plan for each student.

Each workbook offers:

  • A personal study plan for each student
  • An explanation of how to build each basic skill covered by TABE
  • Poetry and drama content in the Reading section (Level A) to align with new GED content
  • Three new objectives in the Applied Mathematics section
  • New practice items
  • Completed item samples, with correct and incorrect answers explained
  • Examples of real-life applications of skills
  • Helpful test-taking and learning tips and reminders

You can use Building Skills with TABE workbooks in two ways—as consumable books that allow students to write their answers in the book, or with optional answer sheets that allow the workbooks to be reused.

These workbooks allow you to create a personalized study plan for every student. Each workbook contains approximately 190 practice items (with answers provided), an easy-to-use table of contents, a welcome letter for students, and test-taking tips.

This concise introductory workbook prepares students for the experience of taking standardized tests. It is especially useful for students who suffer from test anxiety, who have been away from school for a long time, or who come from other countries and therefore may not be familiar with American standardized tests.

This workbook offers:

  • User-friendly text (easy to medium level content)
  • Coverage of all five subject areas assessed by TABE and taught in most adult basic education/pre-GED
  • Test courses—reading, mathematics computation, applied mathematics, language, and spelling
  • Practice items to familiarize students with multiple-choice items and to provide experience on "bubble in" answer sheets


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