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Product QuickFacts

The LAS Links® Benchmark series has three benchmark tests that provides valuable insight and information about the language proficiency and progress of your students at any point during the school year. Use the tests independently or as a complement to other English proficiency assessments used for summative federal requirements.

Subject Area and Grades

  • English Language Proficiency (Grades K–12)

Scoring Options

  • Hand scoring
  • Local scanning

Assessment Types

  • Interim/benchmark
  • Formative

Delivery Format

  • Paper and pencil
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LAS Links Benchmark Assessments consists of a series of three language proficiency assessments designed to help teachers track the progress of English language learners throughout the school year.

LAS Links Benchmark Assessments is part of our comprehensive model for helping language learners at every stage of the learning process:

The LAS Links Continuum of Effective Measurement

Monitor progress of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, & Comprehension skills throughout year

The LAS Links Benchmark Assessments are powerful tools that help teachers track the progress of their English language learner students throughout the school year. The three separate assessments follow the same structure as LAS Links Forms A and B, the summative tests, and measure each student's progress toward meeting language proficiency standards.

The flexibility of the Benchmark Assessments allows teachers to measure student progress in a specific area of concern, or in all four domains. Teachers then use the results of the Benchmark Assessments to target remediation and to tailor instructional plans to meet student needs.

Given periodically throughout the year, these tests give you a better understanding of your students’ progress. They also provide insight to help you develop targeted strategies for continued learning.

Quickly gauge skill development

Simple and fast, each benchmark test takes about 30 minutes. You’ll have the results soon after so you can measure student progress in Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing, and adjust instruction for a student as needed.

Choose the scoring option that works best for you

You can hand-score benchmark tests and use our Student Profile Sheets to keep an accurate record of each student’s progress.

Measures changing needs

With LAS Links Benchmark Assessment you can understand your students' path to proficiency on state standards and know where to focus instructional strategies to meet their changing needs. The benchmark test content measures growth in the four domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Complements other assessments

These versatile tests complement any language proficiency assessment you use to provide valuable benchmark information about student learning.

Uses time effectively

Each benchmark test takes approximately 20-30 minutes to administer and consists of one short-answer writing item, one short reading passage, four reading, four writing, six listening, and four to six speaking items.

Monitors individual growth

Measuring individual growth is essential, not only to fulfill state Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO) requirements, but also to provide tailored instruction. These benchmark tests provide valuable information to differentiate instructional strategies.

Skill AreaEstimated TimeAdministration Mode
Speaking5 Minutes — All GradesIndividual
Listening10 Minutes — All GradesGroup or Individual
Reading15 Minutes — All GradesGroup or Individual
Writing10 Minutes — All GradesGroup or Individual
Total40 Minutes 
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