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Product QuickFacts

LAS Links Español A is a research-based, diagnostic assessment that measures the speaking, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension skills of K–12 Spanish-speaking students. It helps you identify language difficulties a student may have in Spanish and track and monitor progress in attaining Spanish language proficiency.

Subject Area and Grades

  • Spanish Language Proficiency
    (Grades K–12)

Assessment Types

  • Summative
  • Diagnostic

Delivery Format

  • Paper and pencil

Scoring Options

  • Hand scoring
  • Local scanning
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LAS Links® Español A measures students' Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills in Spanish. It helps educators identify language difficulties a student may have in Spanish and track progress in attaining Spanish language proficiency.

LAS Links Español A can also help with accurate placement of students in English Language Learners (ELL) programs. When used in combination with the English-language LAS Links Forms A&B, it provides a complete linguistic profile of a student.

These assessments are part of our comprehensive model for helping language learners at every stage of the process:

The LAS Links Continuum of Effective Measurement

LAS Links Español provides a true linguistic profile, enabling you to develop distinct language proficiency learning paths to more quickly close students' proficiency and achievement gaps, and to accurately place them in or out of English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual programs.

It allows educators to:

  • Assess a student's Spanish proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Track and monitor progress in attaining Spanish language proficiency, in the same scales as the English language proficiency assessment
  • Determine students' native language proficiency
  • Identify language difficulties the student may have in Spanish
  • Tailor instruction and meeting changing student needs during the year
  • Provide a valid, reliable, research-based assessment

Additional, LAS Links Español works seamlessly with and has comparable scores to LAS Links English K-12 Assessments while helping to provide comparable assessments in English and Spanish to meet state mandates.

Skill AreaEstimated TimeAdministration Mode
Hablando10 Minutes — All GradesIndividual
Escuchando15 Minutes — All GradesGroup or Individual
Lectura35 Minutes — KindergartenGroup or Individual
Escritura35 Minutes — Kindergarten
45 Minutes — Grades 1–12
Group or Individual
Total95–115 Minutes 


LAS Links Español test items engage the student with culturally relevant test content.

Sample test items:

Test ItemDetails
Escuchando (Listening) Skills
[116KB PDF File]
Escuchando (Listening) items cover classroom spoken Spanish and listening comprehension. Listening items evaluate students' abilities to process language at a level that integrates skills and knowledge. At a higher level, listening items evaluate inferential and critical thinking skills.
Hablando (Speaking) Skills
[136KB PDF File]
Hablando (Speaking) items assess the building blocks of oral language, from vocabulary to social language to more sophisticated verbal expressions with appropriate grammar. Because oral vocabulary and grammar are essential to establishing fluency required to read and write, the Speaking subtest includes items from single words to expressions of multiple sentences on a topic.
Lectura (Reading) Skills
[124KB PDF File]
Lectura (Reading) items assess word analysis as the basis for phonemic awareness and word recognition, fluency and vocabulary development. At higher levels, students use literary and informative texts to demonstrate their level proficiency.
Escritura (Writing) Skills
[98KB PDF File]
Escritura (Writing) items assess receptive and productive skills. Students are asked to identify appropriate grammar, capitalization and punctuation, and standard sentence structure. Then they produce sentences in a paragraph that is evaluated for content, language usage, and fluency.

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