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Product QuickFacts

LAS Links Online® accurately assesses grades K–12 English language proficiency using a secure, robust online testing platform. Students' spoken and written responses are captured electronically allowing teachers to score the responses anytime, anywhere. Reading and writing selected-response items are also captured electronically and scored automatically, allowing teachers to turn test results into immediate classroom results and helps schools meet ESEA accountability and reporting requirements.

Subject Area and Grades

  • English Language Proficiency for Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing
  • Grades K–12

Assessment Type

  • Summative
  • Diagnostic

Delivery Format

  • Online

Scoring Option

  • Online
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LAS Links Online accurately assesses grades 2–12 English language proficiency using a secure, robust online testing platform.

  • LAS Links Online provides rubrics and exemplary responses to help ease the scoring process and promote teacher professional development.
  • Educators will have immediate access to informative diagnostic reports, allowing them to quickly determine vital information about a student's English language proficiency.



  • Provides quicker, easier, and more convenient ways to administer and score English language proficiency tests with a fully Internet-based solution.
  • Provides immediate results to inform language instruction and recommend remediation.
  • Allows educators to spend less time assessing and reporting, and more time teaching and supporting learning with a cost-effective, easy-to-use internet application.
  • Share easy-to-read reports and graphs with teachers and administrators to inform instruction, and if needed, recommend remediation.
  • Save, import, or export student data and test results to eliminate the need for paper-and-pencil materials helping save time, money, and the environment.
  • Eliminates the time consuming process of hand-scoring and manually calculating language proficiency test results.
  • Offers new forms on a yearly basis, providing the freshest academic language content to better measure language proficiency within and across content areas.
  • All domain assessments for listening, reading, speaking, and writing are group administered. Online group test administrations are extremely efficient because they minimize the time needed for administration and scoring, saving districts and schools considerable expense.