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Product QuickFacts

The preLAS Observational Assessment® for 3 year olds, part of the preLAS Assessment System, measures the English and Spanish language proficiency and pre-literacy skills of early learners. The preLAS Observational Assessment provides the ability to use early childhood language proficiency assessments at a younger age, allowing for earlier identification and targeted language support.

Subject Area

  • English and Spanish Language Proficiency


  • 3 Year Olds

Assessment Type

  • Observational

Delivery Format

  • Paper-and-pencil

Scoring Options

  • Hand Scoring
  • Local Scanning
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Identify children who need language support at the earliest age possible

  • Teachers of 3 year olds can now systematically observe, record, and monitor a child’s oral language and early literacy.
  • The preLAS Observational Assessment helps these practitioners measure the language development of first- and second-language students in both English and Spanish.
  • Information that the preLAS Observational Assessment yields for teachers is used instructionally for individual children,
    as well as aggregated across classes to provide an overall evaluation of the language abilities of children within a specific school or program.
  • Teachers can build a profile of abilities that a child has already developed. Additionally, teachers can document the abilities that are emerging, and those abilities that have yet to emerge.

There is a growing trend to assess the language proficiency of children at an earlier age before the child reaches a formal academic classroom.

  • Compare observational results of students’ language skills with fluent native speakers.
  • Observational assessment data can be used by teachers for instructional planning, program evaluation, or for sharing with the child’s parents or guardians.
  • The preLAS Observational Assessment is informed by recommendations by the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC).