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Prepare students for college and careers with assessments that measure deeper levels of understanding and demonstrate student mastery

High school students deserve to be challenged beyond simple multiple choice tests—they need assessments that measure deeper levels of student understanding. The Acuity Common Core High School solution offers a variety of the latest Common Core assessment content, including Constructed Response, Interactive, and Performance Task items, enabling teachers to quickly identify strengths and areas for improvement so students are successfully prepared for 21st century careers. This generation deserves to experience and grow using Acuity's innovative content and technology in the classroom so they can succeed in the real world.

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  • Common Core diagnostic forms for English Language Arts and Math
  • ELA forms aligned to English 1 and 2 courses
  • Math forms aligned to Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Fully aligned Comon Core items for High School: over 1,000 ELA items and over 1,100 Math Items
  • Performacne Task Item Bank and Builder, and Rubric Building
  • Constructive-Response items (fully aligned to the Common Core)
  • Item Authoring
  • Custom Test Building

Acuity Reports, available online and in printable PDF formats, offer an in-depth but clear picture of student achievement throughout the year. Teachers, principals, and district administrators get a thorough analysis of student strengths and weaknesses, allowing strategic instructional improvement and intervention decisions to be made quickly.

Types of Acuity K–12 Reports

Student, Class, School and District Level Reports:

  • Assessment Reports
  • Cohort Group Reports
  • Growth Reports
  • Item Analysis Report
  • Longitudinal Reports
  • Matrix Report (Class only)
  • Portfolio Reports
  • Roster & Summary Report (Class, School and District only)
  • TerraNova Reports

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Create K–12 comprehensive assessments that accurately align to your curriculum to appropriately measure learning in your classroom.

  • Allows you to create your own custom assessments by selecting items and length of assessment
  • Provide intervention opportunities before it’s too late
  • Target specific small-group or individual student instructional needs
  • Create your own items and choose to share with other educators in your district

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  • Over 1,000 Common Core digital instructional resources in ELA and Math for Grades K–12
  • Easily assignable from popular Acuity reports, aligned to the Common Core
  • Supports individual, small-group, or whole class instruction
  • Available for all skill levels in Grades 9–12

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Performance tasks allow for complex student demonstrations of achievement and learning and function as a model for seamlessly measuring deeper levels of student understanding so teachers can implement a more targeted, instruction and intervention plan.

  • Performance Task item bank with age-appropriate items written to the Common Core
  • Item bank with age-appropriate performance tasks written to the Common Core
  • Students can upload their own files to provide evidence of completion of performance tasks
  • Teachers can view student performance task responses in a rubric, enter score points and respond to students all online (no papers to carry home)

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Acuity's technology platform continues to rapidly evolve with new enhanced tools that easily allow districts to customize their Common Core assessment delivery and scoring needs.

  • Online, student response device, or traditional paper-pencil assessment (or a combination of all three)
  • Scalable technology platform ensures responsive online delivery
  • Support of student response devices eliminates need for computer labs, print and answer sheets
  • Common Core aligned-reports generated immediately
  • Performance Task delivery: students can easily upload their own files
  • Performance Task scoring: online, teachers can view student responses in a rubric, enter score points and respond to students (no papers to carry home)

Acuity UnWired
Acuity UnWired is an easy-to-use client software application that immediately delivers student responses from eInstruction™, Qwizdom®, SMART Technologies™, and Turning Technologies™.

Student response devices help educators and administrators monitor student achievement on an ongoing basis:

  • Real-time capture of student responses
  • Educators can quickly and easily access results to adjust the pace of instruction
  • Available for use across multiple grade levels (K–12)
  • Engages and motivates students to achieve

CTB has been supporting student assessment needs for eighty-five years and can help devise a balanced assessment program that meets the unique needs of districts and schools.

From our online community, with over thirty-thousand members, who learn and share ideas with one another every day, to our step-by-step implementation program that will guide you from planning through delivery, our customer service and technical support teams are committed to supporting every and any district—large and small.

CTB/McGraw-Hill is dedicated to understanding your feedback as a way to continually improve and enhance the value and effectiveness of the Common Core Acuity K–12 balanced assessment solution.

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Acuity Common Core for High School Resources

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Teachers at Eugene Field Elementary Turn Data Insights Into Fun Student Learning Activities with Acuity

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