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Acuity® puts a robust set of interim and formative solutions into your classrooms—and the right support will ensure your teachers are able to spot learning gaps and address them quickly with targeted instruction.

Acuity Professional Development empowers your educators with a complete range of turnkey CODiE 2015 Award Finalist training and professional development options. Choose from offerings like Acuity Certification or Intro to Acuity for Trainers for comprehensive workshops on how to use Acuity effectively, or work with CTB to deliver professional development courses in a format that meets your needs.

Acuity Professional Development enables you to:

• Receive high-quality training and professional development
• Choose on-site or web-based training workshops
• Enroll in hands-on courses and apply a data-driven approach to your instruction
• Meet your teaching and learning objectives with customized options

Let us help you plan your Training Workshop. Call CTB today at 800.538.9547 to speak with your assessment consultant about training designed to help you improve student achievement for your school or district.

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Training from CTB supports your educators with a full range of options for a variety of audiences.

CTB offers the following types of workshops to support classroom teachers, principals, district representatives, and academic testing coordinators/directors:

  • Required introductory training designed to introduce users to basic Acuity functions through interactive practice
  • On-site training for continued professional development focused on Acuity data and its application in the classroom
  • Live web-based training—or webinars—designed to provide convenient access to a variety of topic-specific courses
  • A variety of additional topic-specific tutorials are available within the Acuity Help Menu and the Acuity Community
  • Certification training is available and designed to support educators who wish to provide training to staff related to Acuity
  • Finally, customized training workshops can be scheduled to meet your individual school or district needs

On-Site Acuity Professional Development Can Be Conveniently Delivered To Your School Or District.

Introduction to Acuity

This required Acuity course gives participants an overview of Acuity Assessments and other basic features that help improve achievement for all students. Teachers and district representatives will learn how to navigate Acuity and access reports that drive classroom instruction. Educators will also learn to view, edit, and add student and/or educator information, as well as learn to easily assign new students to classes and create a custom class.

Acuity Data Analysis: Understanding Reports

This course helps you access, understand, and use Acuity Reports and graphic organizers to analyze student and group performance data and create short- and long-term action plans.

  • Pre-Requisite: Introduction to Acuity for District Representatives or Classroom Teachers

Advanced Acuity: Linking Assessment and Instruction

In this course, you will learn to use data as a collaboration tool to drive instructional planning and differentiate instruction. Educators create action plans and instructional strategies to improve student achievement or provide enrichment opportunities. Compare building/class and district data, and identify "cut points" for each content strand for each grade. Discuss probable causes for student performance results, and build accountability measures to track progress. Please note: Each day focuses on one subject—English language arts or math only. If you choose one day, the workshop focuses on only one subject selected by the district.

  • Pre-Requisite: Introduction to Acuity for District Representatives or Classroom Teachers, and Acuity Data and 1 full year of tests administered

Acuity Certification for Trainers

This workshop for Master Trainers provides comprehensive training on Acuity features and functions necessary for implementing Acuity. It helps ensure ongoing successful and effective use of the assessment system to improve student performance by allowing district reps to devise implementation and training plans. It is intended for districts desiring to provide training directly to their end users in a Train-the-Trainer model.

Cost-effective live webinars from CTB provide you with expertise in specific Acuity functions. Each webinar is about one-to-two hours in length and accommodates up to 15 participants.

Webinars are provided on an ongoing basis to encourage consistent and knowledgeable use of the Acuity solution. Registration and attendance are convenient—make a simple telephone call and CTB will arrange a time and day to meet your busy schedule. To participate in a webinar, you only need access to a computer with a Broadband Web connection and a speakerphone.

Topics include:

  • Scoring Acuity Constructed-Response Items
  • Acuity Roles and Permissions
  • Preparing for an Acuity Assessment
  • Acuity Reports Overview
  • Creating an Acuity Custom Test
  • Acuity Item Authoring
  • Assigning Acuity Instructional Resources

CTB is pleased to work with you to create tailored Acuity workshops—on any topic you choose—to help address achievement goals that are specific to your school or district.

These workshops extend the regular Acuity Professional Development course options to provide a comprehensive understanding of using Acuity and data-driven instruction to improve student achievement. Developing a custom workshop in your school or district can be an effective way to build consensus around your teaching and learning objectives and develop achievement plans. Note: custom workshops require at least four weeks advance notification.

Acuity Professional Development ensures that you are using Acuity successfully to diagnose and assess student skills, track progress, create powerful reports, and move students forward with engaging and targeted instructional practice.

As a precursor to professional development, CTB also delivers one- to five-minute instructional videos, available 24/7 from the help menu in Acuity. These videos demonstrate how to perform functions in Acuity and new topics are continuously added for all users.

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