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Product QuickFacts

Subject Areas and Grades

  • Reading (Grades K–12)
  • Math (Grades K–12)
  • Language (Grades K–12)
  • Science (Grades 1–12)
  • Social Studies (Grades 1–12)

Assessment Type

  • Standardized Norm-Referenced Achievement Test (2011 Norms)

Delivery Formats

  • Paper and pencil

Scoring Options

  • Local scoring
  • Machine scoring

Test Item Types

  • Selected-Response
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TerraNova, Third Edition Complete Battery provides detailed diagnostic information. This series of assessments generates precise norm-referenced achievement scores, a full complement of criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.


  • New Complete Battery with language for Kindergarten through Grade 2 includes reading, language, mathematics, science, and social studies
  • Uses selected-response items to provide detailed comparative and diagnostic information
  • Provides norm-referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information

Complete Battery supports student achievement at every stage of the instruction/assessment cycle, as illustrated in the assessment model below.

A model for meeting student achievement standards:

Content AreaObjectiveLevel
ReadingOral Comprehension10, 11
Basic Understanding10-21/22
Analyze Text11-21/22
Evaluate and Extend Meaning11-21/22
Reading and Writing Strategies11-21/22
Introduction to Print10-12
LanguageSentence Structure13-21/22
Writing Strategies13-21/22
Editing Skills13-21/22
MathematicsNumber and Number Relations10-21/22
Computation and Numerical Estimation10-21/22
Operation Concepts11-21/22
Goemetry and Spatial Sense10-21/22
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability10-21/22
Patterns, Functions, Algebra10-21/22
Problem Solving and Reasoning10-21/22
ScienceScience Inquiry11-21/22
Physical Science11-21/22
Life Science11-21/22
Earth and Space Science11-21/22
Science and Technology11-21/22
Personal and Social Perspectives in Science13-21/22
History and Nature of Science19-21/22
Social StudiesGeographic Perspectives11-21/22
Historical and Cultural Perspectives11-21/22
Civics & Government Perspectives11-21/22
Economic Perspectives11-21/22





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National Standards

TerraNova, Third Edition Complete Battery measures a common framework of national standards. Your Assessment Consultant can provide more information on the standards framework.

Additionally, the following tables provide examples illustrating how TerraNova, Third Edition Complete Battery aligns with the framework of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), in particular:

State Standards

Complete Battery provides:

  • Diagnostic data on students' progress toward specific state standards
  • Predictive scores indicating how a student will likely perform on state exams
  • Assessments that mirror the look and feel of your state exam.

Here's a sample report that predicts future student performance on state tests:

Schools and districts can purchase the following DRC|CTB products to help fine-tune instruction following administration of TerraNova, Third Edition Complete Battery:

  • Premier Reports include instructional activities based on individual student needs, and school/district summaries that help educators develop instructional strategies
  • Classroom Connections™, a companion to TerraNova, Third Edition, includes practice materials and teaching strategies for helping students work on particular standards and skills
TerraNova, Third Edition Complete Battery Resources
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Featured Article

"The need for a rapid third party report of the test results was also a critical factor in the choice of TerraNova 3. Data Recognition Corporation | CTB was able to quickly score and provide results within the required turnaround time for their APPR report."