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Product QuickFacts

Subject Areas and Grades

TerraNova Common Core, Form 1

  • Reading (Grades 3–8)
  • Math (Grades 3–8)
  • English Language Arts (Grades 3–8)

TerraNova Common Core, Form 2

  • Science (Grades 3–8)
  • Social Studies (Grades 3–8)

Assessment Type

  • New National 2011 Norms
  • Standardized Achievement Test aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards

Scoring Options

  • Hand scoring
  • Machine scoring

Test Item Types

  • Constructed-Response
  • Extended Constructed-Response
  • Performance Tasks
  • Multiple-Choice

Delivery Formats

  • Paper and pencil
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Are you ready for the Common Core State Standards?

The creation and widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards presents the single most significant development in summative testing since No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has funded two consortia to develop a set of common assessments for implementation in spring 2015. States and districts who choose to adopt the new standards need a plan to transition from their current testing programs to a new, national achievement test that measures the Common Core. Getting accurate, reliable, and timely results of student progress on the Common Core now will prepare districts for a successful transition.

TerraNova Common Core from DRC|CTB is the right product at the right time. With content aligned to the Common Core, this new form of TerraNova features innovative items that deliver an authentic measure of the higher order thinking skills and increased depth of knowledge highlighted by the Common Core. With one test that delivers results in less than seven days, TerraNova Common Core shows educators and stakeholders how well students have mastered national and common core standards.

Innovation delivers greater insight

TerraNova Common Core features item types that go beyond traditional multiple-choice tests. On the same scale and all in the same test book, the test includes:

  • Integrated Performance Tasks (PT)
  • Constructed-Response (CR) items
  • Extended Constructed-Response (ECR) items
  • Multiple-Choice

Using one test educators can compare student results on national and common core standards across grades and ability levels. All items have been developed and field-tested offering the most reliable and valid measure of any national achievement test in the market. TerraNova Common Core covers reading, English language arts, and mathematics for Grades 3–8.

A New Era in Assessment Begins Now

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. ¹ (source: ¹

The Common Core promote critical thinking, problem solving, and attention to 21st century skills. They are aligned to college and work expectations.

Assessments that measure these new standards must look and feel different from traditional multiple-choice assessments. Students must be provided opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the new standards through writing, producing work, and explaining how they arrived at the answer.

Items measuring the Common Core can ask students to perform a series of tasks that measure multiple standards. Gone are the days when test items map to a only a single standard and a multiple-choice item is sufficient for measuring what level of mastery a student has on a specific standard. The depth, rigor, and complexity of the Common Core move beyond the measurement ability of a multiple-choice test alone.

TerraNova Common Core breaks the limitations of a multiple-choice test by offering unique item types such as CR, ECR, and PT items. No other national achievement test offers this combination of items all on the same scale, all in one test book.

TerraNova Common Core Addresses Assessment Priorities

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) has issued important guidelines for Common Core assessments. These include:

  • Inclusion of new item types
    • Short Constructed-Response*
    • Extended Constructed-Response*
    • Performance Tasks*
  • Data to show current achievement and growth
  • State to state comparability
  • Tests can be deployed twice annually

TerraNova Common Core addresses each of these guidelines making it an optimum choice for use now as states and districts transition to the CCSS.

*Partial credit is given.

Get Results Fast

The new TerraNova Common Core offers constructed-response, extended constructed- response, and performance task items in the same test, on the same scale. Results are available in seven days or less and reports are designed to show administrators, students, and teachers where they stand on both national and the Common Core standards today and over time.

TerraNova Common Core is the only field-tested, valid, and authentic measure of the Common Core available to districts today.

The Most Accurate, Authentic Estimate of Student Ability

Test scores are not meaningful if they are not accurate. TerraNova Common Core offers the most effective representation of student test-taking behavior and the most accurate estimates of student ability available today. How? DRC|CTB is the only test publisher to offer both the Three Parameter Logistic (3PL) and the Two Parameter Partial Credit (2PPC) Item Response Theory (IRT) scoring models.

While all test publishers use an IRT scoring model to score their tests, what makes DRC|CTB unique is that the two scoring models provide something no other publisher offers in one test – partial credit. This enables educators to understand students’ progress toward a standard in instances of partial mastery. This also allows us to integrate the scores from multiple-choice and open response items together, so educators can see how well students are doing without needing to compare performance on different measures.

TerraNova Common Core offers all of the assessment item types that are supported by the two national assessment consortia (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium [SBAC] and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers [PARCC]). These include:

  • Multiple-Choice
  • Constructed-Response
  • Extended Constructed-Response
  • Performance Tasks

These new assessment item formats have been field tested and validated to ensure accurate measurement of higher order thinking skills.

All items are vertically scaled and research based. No other test solution offers a more valid or reliable measure of students’ performance within the context of the Common Core.

One Powerful Solution Delivers Critical Insights…Today

TerraNova Common Core offers all item types in the same test book. The items are scaled together to provide in-depth insight into students’ full or partial mastery on both national and Common Core standards. This is far superior to having separate test books that have simply been merged together because it provides a more cohesive, comparable, and comprehensive view of students’ performance.

Scoring Rubrics Help Teachers Make the Common Core Transition More Effectively

The scoring rubrics used in TerraNova Common Core can be used to help teachers, instructional leaders, and curriculum developers build direct familiarity with the new standards. The more you understand about how the new standards are assessed, the better equipped you are to adapt and modify instructional plans throughout your Common Core transition.

Legacy of Expertise and Innovation Continues

TerraNova Common Core reflects diligent dedication to assessment’s highest and best psychometric and technical standards. TerraNova has long been recognized as education’s most respected, valid, and innovative national achievement test. The introduction of TerraNova Common Core from DRC|CTB continues that legacy.

Clear, Easy, Comprehensive Reporting with the Fastest Turnaround Time in the Industry

TerraNova Common Core has been designed for rapid scoring and reporting. You’ll receive data back in 7 days or less and the data is immediately actionable:

  • Objective and item level reports showcase student mastery on both national and College and Career Readiness standards
  • Report data is available online and in traditional paper formats so you can assemble reports in the ways that work best for you as your team interprets the information and communicates with parents and other stakeholders
  • Reports pinpoint where, within a comprehensive performance task, the student needs more work, by highlighting partial credit results
  • Reports enable you to view all items by item type so you can see all parts of a performance task to gain deeper insight into what students know and where knowledge and skill gaps may remain

TerraNova Common Core Reports Help Connect School and Home

TerraNova Common Core includes the Premier Home Report—an easy-to-understand snapshot of how an individual student is progressing toward mastery on specific College and Career Readiness learning objectives. The report also includes links to instructional activities that will help parents and teachers individualize instruction.

The Premier Home Report offers dynamic translation in the top 10 ELL languages, including Arabic, Cantonese, Filipino, French Creole, Hmong, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Prescribed individual activities can also be translated, helping teachers and parents help their children.

Norm-Referenced Tests Will Play a More Significant Role in the Common Core Environment

With TerraNova Common Core added to your assessment program, you gain key insight into how students, Grades 3–8, are performing on both national and College and Career Readiness standards. This enables your team to measure program effectiveness now, benchmark student progress over time, and to have the reliable data you need to adjust curriculum and instruction, and prepare for a full and successful Common Core implementation.

College and Career Readiness Standards

The College and Career Readiness Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.

TerraNova Common Core Resources

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