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Acuity Instructional Resources

Reinforce, Remediate, and Enrich Real-World Skills with Acuity K–12 Instructional Resources

Boost your students' academic confidence in the Common Core era with Acuity Instructional Resources, available in English Language Arts and Mathematics in a variety of interactive, digital formats. Acuity Instructional Resources focus students' attention on specific skills, offering practice, so teachers can easily reinforce, remediate, and/or enrich skills learned in the classroom. Teachers know their students are receiving the right feedback at the right time and can fine-tune the levels of instruction with tools for tracking and follow-up.

Acuity combines interim assessments with traditional and digital learning activities that kids enjoy and teachers love to assign:

  • Embedded instructional support for English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Available for all skill levels in Grades K–12
  • Over 1,000 new digital instructional resources that fully support the Common Core State Standards
  • Easily assignable from Acuity reports, aligned to the Common Core
  • Supports individual, small-group, or whole-class instruction
  • Integrated BrainPOP Jr.®, BrainPOP®, and BrainPOP Spanish® videos for Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies
  • A portion can be printed for off-line practice

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Increase the Opportunities for Learning in Grades K–12

Use Acuity Instructional Resources to make the best use of each student's time with flexible, engaging, student-directed learning for all skill levels. Ideal for both group and one-on-one settings, these activities work equally well in the classroom and at home. The possibilities are endless:

  • Use Acuity Instructional Resources to introduce a new lesson or topic in an engaging and dynamic way, ensuring that students begin each new lesson with enthusiasm
  • Available online, they're accessible whenever the teacher chooses. Many can be printed for offline practice as homework or holiday packets.
  • Audio, video, and graphics reinforce textbook learning for struggling readers and English-language learners, as well as students who thrive in a multi-sensory environment.
  • Use them as an engaging classroom review prior to testing.
  • If a student has missed classes, use Acuity Instructional Resources as make-up-work to get up to speed.
  • Let students take ownership of their own learning. These resources give instant feedback and guidance to help students develop critical thinking skills.

They're fun, flexible, and effective!

Acuity® is excited to announce the addition of over 1,000 digital instructional resources (IRs) that cover every one of the Common Core State Standards—available in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Boost your students' academic confidence with fun, game-like instructional activities that are fully supported by the Common Core State Standards. The new IRs will also help you to reinforce, remediate, and enrich real-world skills learned in your classroom.

  • Interactive and game-like high quality content that fully supports the new rigorous standards
  • Enable audio and video features (they're built in HTML5, not Adobe Flash®)
  • iPad® friendly
  • Assign IRs directly in the Acuity Common Core K–12 assessment platform
  • Built-in reporting tools to identify learning gaps and track student performance
  • Support 21st century skills readiness

BrainPOP: Content Collaboration

Many of the Acuity Instructional Resources are made available via an alliance with BrainPOP®, a creator of animated, curriculum-based content that is uniquely suited for 21st century learning. Its award-winning digital resources include both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.® (K–3).

  • Acuity assessments and BrainPOP videos are both aligned to the Common Core State Standards
  • BrainPOP quiz results are displayed within Acuity to help close the learning gap
  • Teachers can easily assign the most appropriate BrainPOP movie to each student based on their assessment results
  • Your Acuity representative can help you subscribe to BrainPOP Jr.(K–3), BrainPOP (3–8), or BrainPOP Español

If your school currently subscribes to BrainPOP resources, School Administrators can establish the connection to Acuity in Acuity's Instructional Support section. If you are not a current BrainPOP subscriber, your Acuity representative can provide you with all the necessary information to help add these resources to your Acuity solution. Sample movies and quizzes are available to all Acuity users at no additional charge in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

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Acuity Common Core Instructional Resources Resources

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CTB Acuity: Technology for K-12 Common Core Assessment

Teachers at Eugene Field Elementary Turn Data Insights Into Fun Student Learning Activities with Acuity

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