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Prepare for K–12 High Stakes Assessments with the Largest Common Core Performance Task Item Banks

Students need to be able to find, evaluate, synthesize, and use knowledge in new contexts, CODiE 2015 Award Finalistframe and solve non-routine problems, and produce research findings and solutions. With Acuity's Common Core Performance Tasks, educators can measure students' cognitive and reasoning skills as well as their
ability to apply knowledge to solve realistic, meaningful problems, and use the results to target and improve instruction.

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Districts and schools may be questioning "Why are performance tasks important?"

  • The Common Core State Standards cannot be successfully measured without using evidence-centered questioning. Many Common Core standards require students to conduct research, present, produce, draw, develop, gather, report, explain, compare and contrast, and more. Many of these standards can only fully be measured with quality performance tasks that require students to conduct these activities.
  • Performance Tasks are required on future high stakes assessments. Both consortia have released sample performance tasks to support district plans to begin preparing for these item types.

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  • Reflects a real-world task and/or scenario-based problem
  • Exercises a student's ability to analyze, interpret, problem-solve, report, and more
  • Measures one or more of the Common Core State Standards
  • Engages students with relevant and meaningful content
  • Addresses 21st century skills
  • Can be combined with multiple choice, constructive response, or other item types on a single test
  • Informs assessment, instruction, and learning

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Acuity offers a collection of Performance Task Banks featuring rigorous Common Core aligned, research-based Performance Task items in Mathematics and English Language Arts.

CTB Task Bank

  • Performance Tasks authored by CTB content experts
  • English Language Arts PTs
    Multi-step PTs with authentic passages and varied activity types for complex, skills-centered tasks
  • Mathematics PTs
    Complex PTs using student-relevant, real-world scenarios with increasingly complex processes

MARS Task Bank

MARS (Mathematics Assessment Resource Service) is a research and development collaboration that works with a diverse range of clients. MARS provided advice and support in the design and development of high quality performance assessment, curriculum support materials, and professional development for and through performance assessment.

  • Over 300 MARS tasks, all in Mathematics
  • Grades 3–12
  • Measures a variety of Common Core standards and skills
  • Gates Foundation task bank, all in Mathematics, consistent coverage across High School Common Core standards
  • *The Gates Foundation partnered with the MARS organization to produce performance tasks that meet the most up-to-date Common Core State Standards.

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  • Score on the "essence of the task" includes multiple rubrics matched to claims, targets, or standards
  • Score with paper-pencil responses in view
  • View student responses in a rubric, enter score points and respond to students all online (no papers to carry home)
  • Enables students to upload their own performance task test file
  • Extend administration over a couple of days since PTs are created in steps
  • Takes less than one class period to administer (for most PTs)
  • Supported by Acuity's most popular reports

CTB has been supporting student assessment needs for 85 years and can help develop a comprehensive assessment program that meets the specific needs of districts and schools. From our online community, with over 30,000 members, who learn and share ideas with each other every day, to our step-by-step implementation program that will guide you from planning through delivery, our customer service and technical support teams are committed to supporting every and any district—large and small. CTB/McGraw-Hill is dedicated to understanding your feedback as a way to continually improve and enhance the value and effectiveness of the Acuity Common Core K–12 assessment solution.

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