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Transformation requires courage, commitment, and a bold new collaboration

Whether you are expanding your interim and formative assessment programs, migrating to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), or expanding your adult basic skills and English language proficiency programs; CTB delivers bold new solutions designed to help you make dramatic improvements.

With 85 years of experience that began with a pledge to "help the teacher help the child" and a 21st century commitment to innovation to help learners of all ages, we can help you go boldly forward.

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The award-winning Acuity® InFormative Assessment™ system now delivers innovative resources that support your gradual and effective transition to teaching and learning relative to the CCSS for Grades 3–12.

The trusted Acuity solution gives you complete perspective on student achievement—an eye on performance relative to your state standards for Grades 3–8 and a view into the future with comprehensive alignment to the CCSS. For Grades 3–12, helpful toggle features allow you to seamlessly alternate between these two important perspectives of achievement.

For more information about Acuity and solutions designed to help you improve student achievement relative to the CCSS, please call 800.538.9547.

Innovation delivers greater insight

TerraNova® Common Core features item types that go beyond traditional multiple-choice tests. On the same scale and all in the same test book, the test includes:

  • Integrated Performance Tasks (PT)
  • Constructed-Response (CR) items
  • Extended Constructed-Response (ECR) items
  • Multiple-Choice

Using one test educators can compare student results on national and common core standards across grades and ability levels. All items have been developed and field-tested offering the most reliable and valid measure of any national achievement test in the market. TerraNova Common Core covers reading, English language arts, and mathematics for Grades 3–8.

A New Era in Assessment Begins Now

TerraNova Common Core breaks the limitations of a multiple-choice test by offering unique item types such as CR, ECR, and PT items. No other national achievement test offers this combination of items all on the same scale, all in one test book.

TerraNova Common Core Addresses Assessment Priorities

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) has issued important guidelines for CCSS assessments. These include:

  • Inclusion of new item types: Short Constructed-Response*, Extended Constructed-Response*, and Performance Tasks*
  • Data to show current achievement and growth
  • State to state comparability
  • Tests can be deployed twice annually

TerraNova Common Core addresses each of these guidelines making it an optimum choice for use now as states and districts transition to the CCSS.

*Partial credit is given.

Get Results Fast

The new TerraNova Common Core offers constructed-response, extended constructed- response, and performance task items in the same test, on the same scale. Results are available in seven days or less and reports are designed to show administrators, students, and teachers where they stand on both national and the Common Core standards today and over time.

TerraNova Common Core is the only field-tested, valid, and authentic measure of the CCSS available to districts today.

LAS Links Online™ accurately assesses Grades 2–12 English language proficiency using a secure, robust online testing platform. Students' spoken and written responses are captured electronically allowing teachers to score the responses anytime, anywhere. Reading and writing selected-response items are also captured electronically and scored automatically, allowing teachers to turn test results into immediate classroom results and helps schools meet ESEA accountability and reporting requirements.

  • LAS Links Online provides rubrics and exemplary responses to help ease the scoring process and promote teacher professional development.
  • Educators will have immediate access to informative diagnostic reports, allowing them to quickly determine vital information about a student's English language proficiency.

Quickly and accurately measure student progress toward the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS)—and gain the data you need to improve teaching and learning today.

CoreLink™ Services is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution to help you ease the transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It includes a new item bank that aligns to the CCSS, and a wide array of professional development and psychometric services to help you build a bridge from your existing standards to the CCSS.

Item Bank

Developed for Grades 3–8, the item bank is aligned to the CCSS. It features comprehensive, innovative, rigorous items that measure the skills students need to compete in college and the workplace, including:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Language
  • Mathematics

Use the item bank to determine which students are on track to meet the new standards, where gaps may exist, and how they can be addressed.

Professional Development Services

CoreLink Services offers an array of online and on-site professional development services to complement the new item bank and help you successfully implement the CCSS. These services include:

  • An introduction to the CCSS and item exemplars
  • Guidance on how to "unpack" the standards, and inform instruction and interim assessments
  • Item development workshops for all item types, with associated rubrics
  • Handscoring opportunities that illustrate how items and rubrics measure the CCSS

Psychometric Services

CoreLink Services adheres to the highest technical standards and leverages the most current innovations in measurement methodology. The result is a comprehensive, high-quality item bank that meets rigorous psychometric standards. This ensures reliable and valid results that accurately measure student performance relative to the CCSS. These services include:

  • A test blueprint/cognitive rigor evaluation
  • Field testing of content reflecting the new standards
  • Field testing of new item formats
  • Linking studies
  • Customized reporting

Save time and create a more positive testing experience with individualized tests administered and scored online.

TABE Adaptive™ brings an innovative computer adaptive testing platform to TABE® 9&10. TABE is the most comprehensive and reliable adult basic skills assessment in the education industry, providing a solid foundation for effectively assessing the skills and knowledge of adult learners.

TABE Adaptive is a computer adaptive test that is individually adjusted to the ability level of the student. Administered online TABE Adaptive provides a quick and easy way to measure the skills adults need to succeed on the job and in life.

What is computer adaptive testing?

A computer adaptive test is a computer-based or online assessment that automatically adjusts to the individual ability level of the student.

Immediate score reporting

TABE Adaptive lets you assess and report adult basic education skills at any time using the Internet. It provides you with reliable, skill-level data to screen and place students in training and employment programs or to determine readiness for the GED® Tests. With easy-to-read reports, you get immediate information to support important instructional and training decisions.


TABE Adaptive will work on Windows®, MAC®,and Linux® based systems.

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