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LAS Links Online® is group administered and accurately assesses English language proficiency for students in Grades K–12 using a secure, robust online testing platform. Students' spoken and written responses are captured electronically allowing teachers to score the responses anytime, anywhere.

LAS Links Online automatically scores multiple-choice items for listening and reading responses. Spoken and written responses are captured electronically for scoring anytime anywhere. LAS Links Online provides online reporting, access to instant results and online group test administration. These capabilities significantly streamline time, effort and expense for instructors, administrators, and school districts. Similarly, reading and listening responses are scored automatically allowing schools and districts immediate access to their scores and results.

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Welcome to the LAS Links Online Tour! This tour gives you an overview of LAS Links Online, a group- administered assessment that accurately assesses English language proficiency for students by using a secure, robust online testing platform.

About the Assessment
This module reinforces core assessment values while describing the subtests and test item types. In this module, we'll take a closer look at all of the available LAS Links Online forms and how they can be used, as well as sample test items.

Getting Started with the Test Administration System
This module introduces the Test Administration System (TAS), including login/password, orientation to UI, navigation, and hierarchy. DRC|CTB's Test Administration System uses a consistent approach to navigation and task management that helps make LAS Links Online easy and efficient to use.

Managing Your Organization
This module provides instructions for maintaining the organization's hierarchy, users, and licenses. Get the most of LAS Links Online's distributed license and task management features, and ensuring support for your organizational reporting requirements.

Managing Your Roster
This module provides instructions for importing student data, adding individual students, and managing group accommodations. LAS Links Online provides easy-to-use tools for managing student data. Import and export features support integration with Student Information Systems, and demographic data—such as ethnicity, gender, and home language—helps educators pinpoint areas of greatest need.

Test Session Setup
This module walks through setting up a test session. With LAS Links Online, administrators and educators can manage the test set-up process completely online. Whether you need to assess a single student for placement or administer testing for an entire class, setting up an online group testing with LAS Links Online is easy and flexible.

Testing Workstation Setup
This module describes the requirements for testing workstations, including specific tips to improve the testing experience. To ensure a successful online testing experience, your test site—generally a classroom or computer lab—must determine system requirements, workstation setup, installing the testing software, and ensuring audio capabilities are working correctly for the test.

Test Administration
This module walks through a test administration. One of the key benefits of LAS Links Online is easy, efficient group test administration. All assessment is done online with a secure and locked test delivery client. Multiple-choice responses are scored immediately, and constructed responses are stored securely online for convenient scoring.

Scoring the Test
This module walks through the scoring process. Scoring is easy with LAS Links Online. Multiple-choice responses are scored automatically, and spoken and written responses are captured electronically and can be scored anytime, anywhere.

This module introduces the Online Reporting System and the reports most commonly used with LAS Links Online. With LAS Links Online, educators have access to informative diagnostic reports that quickly convey vital information about a student's English language proficiency through the Online Reporting System.

This module describes what customers are responsible for and how to obtain support, including specific tips to lessen the reliance on support and to improve the support experience. At DRC|CTB, we design our online products to be intuitive and easy to use. The Test Administration and Online Reporting Systems offer online help manuals as an additional resource to refresh your understanding of the topics we have covered in this training.

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