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Following this tradition, TerraNova,® Third Edition reports feature rich, graphic data presentations, clear indications of academic achievement, and interpretive information. The following pages provide a comprehensive look at TerraNova 3 reports that allow test administrators to distribute information quickly to teachers, parents, administrators, and others.

DRC|CTB provides a host of different reporting options for TerraNova 3. These options vary in the number of copies of each report and whether reports for individual students are included. Various reporting plans are available to help simplify the ordering process. The tabs below represent only a small portion of the available TerraNova 3 reports.

TerraNova 3 reports include the following features:

  • A clear description of the intended purpose and audience
  • An explanation of how to interpret the report
  • Comparative data on how students or groups are performing with respect to other students or groups (locally and nationally)
  • A statement about what the test data suggest
  • Information about how students are performing with respect to instructional objectives
  • State Proficiency reports featuring item-by-item alignments to your state standards


Learn more about just a few of TerraNova 3's reporting options below:

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The TerraNova 3 Home Report, available in English or Spanish, helps you inform parents or guardians about their student's academic progress, allowing them to become more involved in the learning process. This easy-to-understand report is particularly useful for parent–teacher conferences. The second page of the Home Report describes the content measured by each test and provides the student's level of content understanding. The primary audience for the Home Report is parents or guardians, followed by teachers and students. 

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The Individual Profile Report is one of many assessment reports that DRC|CTB offers. The report helps you identify a student's strengths and weaknesses in both norm- and criterion-referenced terms. Data are presented in an attractive, understandable format of numeric, graphic, and narrative elements that describe student performance on each content area and objective. The Individual Profile Report is a valuable tool for parent-teacher conferences. The primary audiences for the Individual Profile Report are teachers and counselors, followed by parents or guardians and principals.

The Item Analysis Report shows how each student responded to each test item, including constructed-response items in Multiple Assessments. This report helps identify specific errors made by the students and the specific types of items that students may not understand—a valuable tool to help the teacher identify areas of instructional need.

The Student Performance Level Report (SPLR) provides a measure of what the student can do in terms of the content and skills assessed by TerraNova 3 and what is typically found in curricula over a span of several grades. The SPLR indicates which of the five performance levels the student has reached in each content area. Levels 1 through 3 indicate partial proficiency in the content area. Level 4 indicates that an adequate level of proficiency has been reached, and Level 5 indicates that the student is at an advanced level. This information is valuable in planning effective teaching strategies. The sample report shows performance levels for Grades 3–5.

The Objectives Summary, Parts I and II provides information about various groups' mastery of each of the TerraNova 3 objectives so that comparisons can be made. Together with other classroom and/or district assessments, this information can be used to analyze potential curriculum strengths and needs relative to major content areas listed on the report. Part II of this report provides additional information about group mastery of each of the TerraNova 3 objectives.

TerraNova, Third Edition Reports Resources

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Available in test levels 13 through 18 in Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics, theTerraNova® Common Core tests are a set of TerraNova Multiple Assessments that measure the Common Core State Standards. These test forms share the same selective-response items with the TerraNova, Third Edition (TerraNova 3) Survey tests of the same test level and content area.

The additional items, including constructed-response items and various innovative item types such as performance tasks, were specifically developed to measure the Common Core State Standards. Items in these tests are aligned to both the TerraNova test content standards as well as the Common Core State Standards. Such dual alignment allows the objective (standard) level scores to be reported under both standard frameworks. The TerraNova Common Core Assessments, nationally normed in 2011, provide teachers, schools, and districts with useful diagnostic information to support a smooth transition to the Common Core State Standards.

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