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Our Quality Policy

Data Recognition Corporation | CTB delivers high quality assessment solutions that adhere to professional standards. We are committed to continuously improving our products and services, developing our people, and satisfying our customers.

Our history of customer satisfaction demonstrates an unwavering commitment to providing quality, innovation, and dependability to our customers and their students.

Educational goals and needs have changed throughout our history, but our commitment to quality has enabled us to consistently meet customer needs and expecations in a constantly changing educational landscape.

Our Quality Policy guides everything that we do and ensures that your students have the best opportunities for success and your teachers have the best tools to help them meet that goal.

Understanding Assessment


The Learning Cycle

DRC|CTB supports educators and students
throughout the learning process.

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Use of Test-Related Instructional Materials

DRC|CTB receives frequent inquiries about its position regarding use of test-related instructional materials. This best practice presents that position.

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